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About us

The Silk Cooking project started in 2008 when Massoud Hassani was researching his Afghan background and culture for one of his projects at the Design Academy Eindhoven.He wanted to build a bridge between these two worlds of cultures and bring them together.And what better way to do this than good food, food traditions and recipes? TheSilk Cooking projectconsists of various pots and pans, based on Afghan cooking techniques and rituals.The design is inspired by the ancient Silk Road between Central Asia and Europe, of which Afghanistan was a part.For the development of the silk cooking project and the functionality of the pans, Massoud Hassani and his mother Parwin Zamani immersed themselves in Afghan cuisine and old family recipes.This is how the first idea for Saphar cookbook was born. 

A small trial version of the cookbook ('Mothers dishes', 2008) was positively received and inspired and motivated to compose the Saphar cookbook. Selecting recipes, stories, photos and developing and producing this cookbook grew into a long-term, meticulous family project. 

More than ten years after the start of the project, Hassani Holding BV, owned by the brothers Sultan (right) and Massoud (left), is the proud publisher of this family project.